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November 14, 2020

You Need to Pick Up a Book

Three years ago, you wouldn't be able to find someone more repulsed by reading than me.

I read textbooks, articles and other materials for medical school, but never did I think I'd substitute my music, sports or relaxation time for a book.

But, here I am, telling you exactly why you need to do so.

Pick up a Book, Change Your Life.

New books introduce you to new ideas and concepts.

And new ideas change your way of thinking.

New ways of thinking influence how you interact with the world, which influences who you attract into your life.

These new friends take you to new places.

At this point, take a minute to look around and you'll find your life has quite literally, changed.

Learn from World-Class Experts

Ever wished that an expert in your field might pop up out of thin air and give you the advice you needed?

There are a few logistical problems with this wishful thinking.

You don't know them, they're extremely busy, you can't afford their time and they live half away across the world.

The solution? Read their books.

It's usually written as if it was for you alone.

They've already made it, no more contributions are needed on their part.

It's the price of a single meal (or two).

And it's available in some formats almost instantly.

Connecting to world-class mentors from almost every field you can think of is possible now more than ever.

Stand on the shoulder of giants so that you can see even further.

A Personalised Learning Experience

There's a major, specific flaw with traditional learning environments.

Through the batching into classes and groups, we don't get to think for ourselves because, very often, others are thinking out loud for us.

Moreover, our minds drift along with the current of predominant thoughts in the room.

Without a truly independent learning environment, we're cheated out of unique and original thinking.

Read books and read them alone.

Feel how you feel and take away what you take away.

That's a truly personalised learning experience.

Pick up a book. Change your life.

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