January 9, 2023

Why Your Ideas Don’t Matter

I know plenty of people who genuinely believe that the right idea could make them millions. But they’ve never spoken about how they’d fulfil them.

Often, their belief is that millionaires stumbled across their wealth just as naturally as they stumbled upon the idea. “If only I had thought of it first” they’d say!

But here’s the harsh truth: we all have great ideas. Few of us are actually willing to act on them. And of those few, only some will be motivated enough to keep going, disciplined enough to brave the storms and resilient enough to get back up after every, single, setback.

As the tools at our disposal get better, it becomes easier to avoid doing the work, to really get our hands dirty.

We’ve become a generation that romanticises plans without starting on the work.

We’ll share our intention to win without a want to participate.

We’ll start a company and tell everyone, without the will to actually build it.

And we’ll buy the most expensive tools before we start, despite already possessing everything we ever needed.

A great idea never built itself.

Because it was never the idea that mattered.

It was always the execution.

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