July 7, 2022

Why People Are Going Back to Analog Systems

Whether it’s the grain on a film photo, the crackles of a vinyl record or the tear on a paper notebook, I think I may have figured out why I (and perhaps ‘we’) appreciate analogue systems so much.

Far too often, we chase  shiny objects and forget what’s right in front of us. We take people, things and moments for granted.

But it’s only when we’re close to losing them do we really get our wake-up call to appreciate what we have.

At the end of a family visit, we try harder to appreciate those final moments together.

Or, before a moment is over with friends, we may even try and squeeze a photo in. Who knows when it’ll happen again, right?

The fragility of a situation reminds us of what we have, right before we lose it.

So when that fragility persists in physical form, like a 1-of-1 film photo hanging on the wall or a vinyl record scratching away, we feel that gratitude in motion.

Every moment we have with it is just as sweet as the last, because we know what life’d be like without it.

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