June 30, 2022

Why It’s Riskier Not To Try

Do you ever wonder what the risk of not trying is?

When we think about trying something new, our minds play devil’s advocate for what could go wrong.

How much could it cost us?
What could go wrong?
Is there a better way?

Anything that challenges the status quo has to be questioned. But conversely, shouldn’t the default path we’re taking also be questioned?

If a new opportunity is presented as path A, then we should also consider our current trajectory as another path: B. This allows us to analyse the latter with a critical eye just as we’ve done the former.

More times than not, the opportunity cost of trying something new is manageable. We can calculate the lost money, time and attention if things don’t go our way. In that way, the cost is tangible.

But what is the opportunity cost of a risk not taken? How do you calculate the opportunity ‘benefit’ of something that won’t happen, because it’s not something you’d take a chance on?

I’ve never regretted a chance I took on something. Not for long, anyways.

I’ve learnt to live with the results, regardless of the outcome. Every failure became a lesson, a story or a stepping stone to something greater.

The biggest risk we take is to leave things till tomorrow. Tomorrow carries unknown risks that we can’t calculate nor predict. Our circumstances could completely change, removing our ability to even takes the risks we can today. So why wait?

If we play roulette with time, chances are it’ll get the better of us. And without the ability to take risks anymore, life is dictated for us.

Don’t live your life through a lens of safety and comfort, have something to show for it. Try that new thing. Fail at something. Take a risk.

Because it’s always riskier not to try.

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