January 29, 2023

The Magic Behind Gut Feelings

If you’ve ever felt strongly about something that can’t be easily explained, you’ve experienced ‘gut feeling’.

But what exactly is it? And why should we trust it?

I don’t think it’s not an isolated feeling, like happiness or worry.

It’s more like a unique blend of experience, wisdom and foresight.

It’s our subconscious begging us to listen, for what our conscious mind cannot see.

We can’t always articulate what the feeling means, because we don’t know what it is.

It seems to come from deep within, yet it feels foreign when presenting itself.

So what can we do with such a stranger?

Ignore it. Question it. Or, follow it blindly.

Perhaps it’s the best indicator of what we would like to do, rather than what we think we ought to do.

So whether you feel like you’re in danger, experiencing a certain ‘vibe’ from someone or thinking about taking that big risk, it’s important to acknowledge your gut feeling.

It might be the only answer you need.

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