November 24, 2021

Should We Monetise Our Passion?

Do we lose something when we turn a passion into a source of income?

I think we do.

The past few weeks, I’ve caught myself thinking in multiple instances: I wish I could skip to the part where I just earn money for all this creative work. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could buy a new hard drive, laptop, or camera gear from the work they generate, rather than a side-job that funds the craft?

So I have to remind myself: “you won’t get this time again.”

A time where money plays no part in the creative process.

A time where self-improvement is solely guided by a wish to get better.

A time where I was paid only through fulfilment.

A time which, once crossed, may not return to me.

You see, money changes everything, and not everything is for the better.

Sure, it would be great to earn a living or a bit of extra income from doing what we love.

But for those who see income as a primary source of motivation, ‘passion’ dwindles when it fails to show up.

So for those who have learned to love the process, the never-ending iterations, the ebbs and flows of inspiration, the cultivation of self-discipline and equipment of new skills, income may quickly cloud the judgement of why we pursue a craft that was meant to free us from the shackles of a ‘job.’

No matter how strong the pull is, I don’t want to be governed by income.

The work was always supposed to be the reward in and of itself.

I remind myself: this time won’t return to me. Let me enjoy the moments that lead up to my first paycheck. Let me feel present in the moments where my work is at its purest, a time where I can get lost in rumination and flow, a time where hours are spent doing what I love, for no other reason than that it has to be done, because it matters.

So I sit here, reflecting on these thoughts, as I approach a new pivotal moment in my course of ‘creation’ — my first Youtube ‘sponsor’. I didn’t know if and when this time would come, but I’m glad to say that even if it never came, I would still show up and do the work.

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