October 25, 2021

Make Art, Not Content.

There’s something that really irritates me about today’s ‘creator economy’.

It’s the entanglement of ‘art’ and ‘content’ and how both words are used interchangeably.

‘Content’ has been shoved down our throats so hastily in recent years that we can no longer distinguish a taste between the two.

I don’t have any problem with ‘content’. In fact, I welcome it. It’s the cornerstone of good marketing and when done well, it’s bloody brilliant.

The problem is when content is passed off as a true art form, like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

There was something that didn’t sit right with me every time I’d think of myself releasing ‘content’— it almost sounded industrial. I care about my craft and I don’t think likes or follows should deem its worth.

Releasing content is all about consistent sharing — quality can be sacrificed, just so long as you do it. It’s a form of marketing at best.

It’s about improving key metrics and ensuring you’ve got someone’s attention in the palm of your hands.

Content, if unseen by its target audience, is deemed worthless.

Art, however, is always genuine. It takes breaks. It doesn’t seek validation from metrics, because even if no one looks its way, it's still art.

Content creators build businesses through their content. The artist creates a business around their craft.

It doesn’t matter where you stand, but it’s important that you understand the difference.

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