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November 14, 2020

Life Lies in Spontaneity

Life gets busy sometimes; I've learnt the hard way.

And with busyness, comes the need to bring order to the chaos.

But with too much order arises another problem.

Loss of spontaneity.

Life lies in Spontaneity.

Picture this: you've got the entire week scheduled down to the hour.

It's 10pm and you're ready for bed, eager to wake up on time for your 7am workout.

You don't want to lose that 8hour sleep streak (your apple watch is counting).

But an old friend texts you, asking to catch up as he's in the area - he won't be around again for a year or so.

Do you politely tell him its too late?

Do you do the 'sensible' thing and stick to your schedule?

Or, do you seize the moment and spend the night reminiscing over old times, laughing and enjoying each others company.

You meet his/her friends, one of which becomes a suitable business partner, the other a potential relationship.

Most of life's surprises aren't gifted by our rigid schedules.

They lie in the uncertain intervals between them.

Whether it's catching up with an old friend, spending an extra 10 minutes at a family gathering or taking the day off to recuperate, these are the moments in which memories are made.

Passing through a string of days that offer no spontaneity is not a form of living, it's a job.

Life lies in the spontaneity.

Seize it.

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