March 15, 2021

It's not OK to take a break, it's necessary

It's not ok to take a break.

That's what you'll believe if you fall for the smoke and mirrors of social media.

When we turn on our smartphones, we're presented with a world that's always moving.

Everyone is always doing something.

If they're not, they'll tell you about what they had just accomplished or a journey soon to begin.

But, hidden in the third space is much-needed rest.

Rest doesn't get the same attention as action because it's seen as inaction, only existing to serve our next move.

Bill Gates' Think Week

Bill Gates Makes Hopeful Predictions for Global Health | Time

Twice a year, Bill Gates takes a 'think week'.

By secluding himself in a cabin somewhere, he spends his time reading and writing.

No friends, family, coworkers or passers-by are allowed to interrupt him.

The time is exclusively for him and his thinking.

Gates swears by this strategy and credits some of his big ideas to having come from the process.

It raises the question: if Bill Gates can take a week away from his busy life, why can't we?

Why can't we put our side projects on hold?

Why can't we put less pressure on ourselves to achieve the next milestone?

Why can't we take a break?

Rest is Necessary

Rest comes in many different forms; it's subjectively chosen but objectively necessary.

When we stop lifting weights, we build muscle in the rest period.

When we fast and give our gut some rest, our cells regenerate.

When we stop thinking about the stresses of life, we become present in the moment.

Rest is not simply a byproduct of tiredness or a stepping stone towards action, rest is for reflection, renewal and rejuvenation.

So, factor rest into your schedule and stop waiting until you 'deserve' it, you always have.

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