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November 14, 2020

How to Clarify Your Message

Have you got something important to say? Think first about how you're going to say it.

Found something cool to sell? Think hard about out how you're going to sell it.

If the message isn't clear, it isn't being conveyed.

Speak their Language

1000 Songs in Your Pocket | The Apple Renaissance through iPod

When Steve Jobs announced the iPod, he could have boasted its capability to hold 5GB of songs.

But that's not what people cared about.

They didn't think in terms of gigabytes; that's tech-geek language.

So they used a different message:

"1000 songs in your pocket"

Simple. Understandable. Relatable.

The phrase has since been used as a marketing case study worldwide.

If you want them to understand your message, speak their language.

Paint a Picture

Bill Gates 1994: This CD-ROM can hold more information than all the paper  that's here below me. : Damnthatsinteresting

It's not always easy to process words.

The brain has to take those words and process them into a mental image.

So why not show them an image instead?

That's exactly what Bill Gates did.

He showed off the storage capabilities of the CD-ROM by comparing it with stacks of paper, highlighting the amount of equivalent information that could be stored in both mediums.

If someone has to really work to picture your idea, they won't.

If it's a new product, show it to them.

New software? Let them see it in action.

Pictures speak louder than words, paint a picture instead.

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