February 14, 2021

Don't Just 'Do'. Become Someone Who 'Does'.

If you think motivation is enough to help you get you to your destination, I have news for you.

Motivation will only get you so far in life. It's a temporary state with an ebb and flow.

Some of us may feel a heightened state of motivation; we train ourselves to find it, use it and keep hold of it, but it comes with its own cost.

Just like a drug, motivation gives you a high. But it can't be a high, without a low.

When motivation fades, we're left to our original state. For many of us, that means we're no longer able to maintain that desirable behaviour, the same behaviour that came so easily when we felt motivated.

Because, at our baseline, we're not the type of people that perform those actions, we're simply doing them.


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The problem with 'doing' without willing to change into the person who 'does' is a matter of identity and who we wish to become.

For example, you cannot keep up the enjoyment of writing if you do not wish to be a writer.

Sure, you might get by at first through positive feedback. You might even earn some money too, who wouldn't that spur on. But at some point, your results might dry up. In that scenario, do you still write?

If you simply focus on the benefits that writing can bring you, you'll be creating a false illusion that you actually enjoy the practice.

Instead, if you wanted to become a writer, you’d simply write.

Everything else mentioned may still come to you, and that would be a bonus. But even if it didn't, you'd still be a writer, and that would be enough.


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When it comes to building new habits or breaking old ones, think first about the type of person you want to be.

"True behaviour change is identity change. You might start a habit because of motivation, but the only reason you’ll stick with one is that it becomes part of your identity."
- James Clear.

Every small action that builds towards you becoming that person is a win.

Don't seek motivation to prevent a relapse into smoking, become someone who doesn’t smoke.

Even the best habits have trouble getting through to us when they conflict with our identity.

But when good habits align with how we see ourselves, we adopt them.

Don't just do. Become someone who does.
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