July 12, 2021

Beauty in the Mundane

Why do we do it?

Every day, people reflect in their diaries. They journal what they’ve learnt. They read about what they already know.

Why do we feel smarter reading about things we already know?

What do we gain from reflecting and thinking deeper?

Why do we do it?

Beauty in the mundane

The best self-help writers simply talk about things that no one takes the time to notice, that no one cares enough to write about.

It gave me a small epiphany: we underestimate our affinity towards a deeper understanding of things we already know.

I often hear the phrase: “I could have told you that” when people read self-help articles. And yes, I’ve probably said it myself once or twice. And whilst it might hold true, I’d be missing the point.

There’s value in the ‘meta’, the hidden side to why we do what we do.

The writer introspects and gives more thought to the ordinary, the everyday.
The reader adopts what he’s read as his own.
The thinker is forced to confront his own mind.

The more we give meaning to what we already know, the better we connect the loose dots in our heads. It grounds us in self-confidence: we accept who we are, what we do and who we’re becoming.

When we give thought to the mundane, it becomes an act of appreciation for what already is, a minute of mindfulness and a journey towards the understanding of self.

Learning new things is great, but better understanding what we think we already know is essential.

The mundane is the 99%. Maybe it’s time to get familiar with it.

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