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November 14, 2020

Be Number One, Or Quit

Does being average make you a loser?

I don’t think so.

There’s more to life than chasing the number 1 spot, right?

Well, Seth Godin hit me with a punchy statement in his book ‘The Dip: The extraordinary benefits of knowing when to quit (and when to stick)’

“Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers.”

Quit or be exceptional?

Damn, sounds like an unfair ultimatum!

For those not familiar with Seth Godin, let me put this quote into context.

He’s a big fan of polarising thoughts- He knows how to make the right people listen.

He’s not afraid to upset everyone else in the process, because they’re probably not listening anyway.

So who is listening?

I’d argue it’s the same type of person that would click on this article.

Unapologetically ambitious.

The type who would rather seek discomfort rather than remain an average Joe.

Sound like you? Read on.

Don’t settle for less.

The phrase ‘Quit or be exceptional. Average is for losers’ implies two things that most people don’t routinely think about:

  1. There’s another option besides being exceptional or average.
    A third door if you will.
  2. Quit in order to seek ‘exceptional’ elsewhere.
    By quitting something you’re average at, you invite the opportunity to be exceptional at something else.
    This would mean, by default, there is more out there for you.
“All coping does is waste your time and misdirect your energy. If the best you can do is cope, you’re better off quitting.” — Seth Godin, The Dip.

Ask yourself, are you on a path that could lead you to number 1?

Or, are you keeping your head above water for something that doesn’t excite you enough to chase that top spot?

Don’t be average.

Greatness isn’t a button we possess that we can easily switch on and off.

Too many times, we focus on being ‘exceptional at something’ rather than the ‘something’ we’re trying to be exceptional at.

So why don’t we skew the odds in our favour?

By making calculated decisions and directing our attention towards things we’re more likely to be exceptional at, we increase the chances of being number 1.

Like many of us, you may be tired, burnt out or struggling to cope.

Perhaps you’re not average, you’re just trying to be exceptional at the wrong thing.

If you can’t be number one, quit.

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