December 28, 2021

A Rabbit Hole I’m Avoiding in 2022.

These last couple of years have been kinda depressing.

From the constant talk of the pandemic to our near-instant access to world affairs— bad news is almost inescapable.

I’m aware that it comes across as privileged and self-serving by saying this but at some point, we have to prioritise the input of positive thoughts if we’re going to live with them.

The thing is, I try to surround myself with intelligent people and I like to source novel, clever ideas from my use of the internet.

But, it just so happens that these preferences lead to the accumulation of dark thoughts, following me like an inescapable dark cloud.

I’ve seen the opposite side, too. I’ve met people who have no care for seeking new ideas, just gossip. Funnily enough, their social media is curated with fun, positivity and light-hearted humour. Who’s the winner here?

The truth is, my constant desire to learn has led me deep into rabbit holes, a search for gold whilst being enveloped by darkness.

My Instagram feed is filled with difficult-to-stomach social issues. My Twitter is full of smart people arguing with each other. The news is full of scare-mongering, hosted by organisations I don’t like. Only Tik-Tok gives me a laugh, but then I remember my age, feel old and get sad again.

So this new year, I think I’ll try to disconnect a little more, in a bid to balance this whole happiness vs ‘the-constant-search-for-information’ thing.

I don’t think it has to mean ‘less learning’ or avoiding current affairs but, I guess I’m just trying to figure out how to best serve my mental health for now and the future, given that ‘knowing things’ often comes with a price.

This new year, I might just put my phone to the side a little more, and ask my friends to do the same.

I think I’ll pick up more physical books than getting trapped on internet-equipped devices.

I’ll try and be a bit more vocal about the positive, and a little less concerned with the negative. After all, if we don’t pick ourselves up, who will?

This new year, I think I’ll skip a few rabbit holes and simply enjoy the view from the surface instead.

Thanks for all your support in 2021, and God-willing, I hope we all have a great 2022.


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